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Annual Report 2022

Homemade Stories- with love, care and respect

Homemade Stories- with love, care and respect

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Surviving child marriage: The victorious Sabina

Surviving child marriage: The victorious Sabina

Sabina was just 14 years old when she became a child bride in Bangladesh.  “In eighth grade, my family pulled me out of school and married me off,” Sabina tells us. “Within a year, I became pregnant … but my husband and in-laws did not want me to carry ...

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Community kitchens help free children from firewood collecting

Community kitchens help free children from collecting firewood

Ummah, 8, is happy that she no longer has to spend her days collecting firewood, thanks to the new World Vision community kitchen that recently opened near her house.

A Girl towards Victory

A girl towards victory

Nasima a girl from a remote village of Tangail district came to Dhaka city to fulfil her long desired dream to be a Government officer. World Vision Played a big role behind her success by stopping her child marriage, encouraging to be bold enough and with financial support.


Rural women go entrepreneurial

Mrs. Minara Begum from Natuapara village of Fulbaria district in southwestern of Bangladesh and her other group members of fifty women who are successful entrepreneurs in vermin culture today. She began using vermi-compost in her homestead garden and produces to increase profits. 

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Urbania - World Vision Air Solutions Challenge

Urban Air Pollution is a problem that is evolving as urbanization develops. But this dynamic problem calls for more dynamic solutions. World Vision Bangladesh (WVB) is currently working to engage the youth generation of Bangladesh in generating innovative ideas to tackle the current urban air pollution through ensuring community-based participation. To that end we, in collaboration with Inspira Advisory & Consulting Ltd., are organizing Urbania - World Vision Air Solutions Challenge, an online competition, where the youth from different parts of Bangladesh will present their ideas, addressing urban air pollution. 


COVID-19 response in Bangladesh

Responding to COVID-19

Around the world, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking lives, devastating families and disrupting life in previously unimaginable ways. 

We are responding in every country we work in to limit the spread of the virus and reduce its impact on vulnerable children and their families. 

Bangladesh, is one of the 17 priority countries where we are increasing our efforts to protect especially vulneralble populations.

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Universal Children's Day

Rights are power! 30 Years of the Child Rights Convention in Bangladesh

"During the past 30 years, there have been many changes in Bangladesh to end child violence, increase child participation, and improve health and education.... I’m proud my country has shown a real willingness to invest, like the CRC says, 'to the maximum extent of the resources available.' The idea that decisions should always be made based on the 'best interests' of children has also been incorporated into our national laws with the Children Policy 2011 and the Children Act 2013," says Dola, age 16, assistant secretary of National Child Forum of Bangladesh and Young Leader.

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Mousumi, 29, a landless and the most vulnerable rural woman is moving towards self-dependence by receiving a dairy cow with a calf and using training on cultivation of various types of vegetables from World Vision. It has changed her living condition. She earns selling milk and meets up her children’s protein need by giving them cow’s milk. She can afford her older daughter’s school fees from selling of cow’s milk. She is seen taking care of her cow and calf at her home-yard as well as in the field received

Mousumi, an example for others to follow

Mousumi, 29, a landless and most vulnerable rural woman becomes an example to others to follow. She received a dairy cow as well as received training on cultivation of various types of vegetables from World Vision that changed her living condition. She earns selling milk and meets up her children’s protein need by giving them cow’s milk. She can afford her older daughter’s school fees from selling of cow’s milk. A peaceful environment is now prevailing at her home.

Gita Biswas regularly collects water from PSFs established by World Vision Bangladesh

Pond Sand Filters impacted thousands of lives in Bangladesh

Southern Bangladesh is located in coastal belt of the country, every year it is inundated by water, and water logging continues for quite a long time; the people of this village have to suffer a lot during this time. 75% people have no access to safe and suitable sources of drinking water in this areas.



Sponsor a child in Bangladesh

Change a life for a child in Bangladesh or across the world

World Vision Bangladesh, is a global Christian relief, development, and advocacy organization creating lasting change in the lives of children, their families, and communities living in contexts of poverty and injustice. We are committed to serving and partnering with people in need. Through development, relief, and advocacy, we pursue the fullness of the life of every child by serving the poor and oppressed regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people.  

World Vision was first involved with Bangladesh by responding to the cyclone victims of Bhola in 1970 during devastating tidal surges in the coastal areas of the country. Later the organization carried out relief operations in refugee camps in India in 1971. Following Bangladesh's independence in 1972, it started relief and rehabilitation programs as per the invitation of the Bangladesh Government.  

Presently World Vision Bangladesh is serving around 5 million children with Health, Nutrition, WASH, Education, Livelihood, Child protection, Sponsorship, and Community Engagement in 28 administrative districts with 55 Area Programs, and 25 private non-sponsorship (PNS), and 36 grant-funded projects. The objective of this organization is ‘To achieve sustainable well-being and build a brighter future for 5 million vulnerable children in Bangladesh by tackling causes and addressing effects of poverty, inequalities, and injustices’.  

Please note: If you have a child protection or adult beneficiary concern or any other concern regarding World Vision Bangladesh's work or staff conduct? World Vision Bangladesh is committed to taking action on every safeguarding report we receive. Report your concern confidentially here.

161.8 million

Population, total


Capital City

293.8 billion

GDP (current US$)

Current Projects

World Vision Bangladesh scales up its operations to impact the lives of more than 5 million people with existing 36 grant-funded projects in Bangladesh. The grant-fund project has a wide range of partnerships and diversified our donor base, successfully securing a total of USD39.4 million for the most vulnerable people.

We received broad support from institutional donors, the United Nations, as well as governmental and international organizations. We also engaged the private sectors, including corporations and foundations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals. 

Rohingya Refugee Crisis Response

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Nobo Jatra – New Beginning

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Bangladesh Initiative to Enhance Nutrition Security and Governance

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Nutrition Sensitive Value Chains for Smallholder Farmers (NSVC)


Gender Inclusive Pathways out of Poverty

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Sustainable Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in WASH in Bangladesh

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Establishing Vulnerable People’s Rights and Access to Social Safety Net Programmes

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It Takes Me to end violence
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It takes me


World Vision Bangladesh believes that physical violence against children harms psychological and physical growth of the children. “It takes me to end physical violence against children-at Home, School and Work place” addresses the Sustainable Development Goal (16.2) that aims to promote a culture of positive discipline and positive parenting in order to impact the lives of 5 million most vulnerable boys & girls by 2021.


Urbania-World Vision Air Solutions Challenge

Urban Air Pollution is a problem that is evolving as urbanization develops. But this dynamic problem invites more dynamic solutions. The core idea is to engage the youth of the nation to bring in time appropriate and innovative approaches to solve Air Pollution. The challenge doesn't just concern ideation but focuses on the development of ideas into fully feasible field-ready solutions. The competition is Powered By World Vision in an attempt to bring solutions that were developed by people from all around the nation which the people can really engage in.

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