Advocacy and Campaign


To increase the number of children protected from all forms of violence, including physical and psychological abuse. This includes children, enjoying positive and peaceful relationships with parents and caregivers, and receiving increased access to quality public services provided by the government.  

Advocacy and Campaign


  • Reduce harmful social norms and children enjoy peaceful positive relationships 

  • Reduce gender-based violence against children 

  • Children are healthy, well-nourished, and have equitable access to Health, Nurtrition, and WASH services 

  • Children receive a quality education with essential life skills 

OUR TARGET (2021-2025) 

2,940,408 children will be reached through national and local advocacy initiatives.  



people reached through the Just Married Campaign, focused on ending child marriage


girls received self-defence (martial arts) training


Reporting and Response mechanisms established in Union Parishads
Advocacy and Campaign


  • Create evidence for influence through assessment, research, and innovation for change 

  • Monitoring government policies and its implementation to strengthen public policies and improve services through promoting Citizen Voice and Action. 

  • Government policies and systems will be strengthened to change community attitudes and behavior toward children in line with the Global Campaign ‘It Takes Me to End Gender-based violence against Children' 

  • Inter-sectoral coordination and collaboration will be strengthened through operationalize the advocacy plan effectively 

  • Advocate strategically so that various national actors will be influenced to build and strengthen networks and platforms to track government budgets and build evidence for improved policy and its implementation

Advocacy and Campaign


CVA: Citizen Voice and Action is a social accountability model used by World Vision that aims to address inadequacies in essential service delivery. The model uses citizen input to improve relationships between communities and the government, also empowering communities to hold government service providers accountable in the process.  

CPA: Child Protection and Advocacy is at the core of building WV’s influence. This model guides our policies and programmes to fulfill our vision statement of ensuring ‘fullness of life’ for all children and is a focal point of our Child Well-being Outcomes indicators. The CPA model enhances the quality of our programmes and equips our staff for optimum service delivery.