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Faith based action against gender based violence

A 2023 World Vision research shows that both, justification of violence and gender stereotypes, are widely present in communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina


World Vision Bosnia and Herzegovina


30 years post-war, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) development has been hampered by political complexity and the lack of a common vision among its political representatives. Ethnic divisions continue to exist today, causing distrust and hindering the functionality of democratic institutions.

Tension in the country is further compounded by prevalent and persistent corruption. BiH is the third worst in Europe when it comes to the state of corruption in the country (Transparency International 2023).

BiH’s economy is among the least competitive in the region and every sixth family lives below the poverty line (World Bank, 2022). The unemployment rate in 2023 has been 27 percent and The International Monetary Fund predicts a worsening of the labour market in BiH. Rising inflation is adding disproportionate stress on low-income families.

Violence against children, peer violence and gender-based violence remain a significant problem. A 2023 World Vision research shows that justification of violence and gender stereotypes are widely present in communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the 30 years, World Vision BiH has been reconstructing war-torn communities, rebuilding homes and schools, and strengthening families and communities to better provide for their children.

Children and families have recognised and accepted our approach and together we continue to work to protect and eliminate violence against children; improving educational conditions/developing key life skills, developing economic opportunities and providing livelihoods for vulnerable families, as well as improving the safety of communities in BiH.

A Boy Who Escaped the Traffickers

70 percent of victims of trafficking in BiH are children. These children are exploited, forced to work and beg for money, abused and viciously beaten daily. World Vision is working to strengthen child protection systems in BiH and ensure children victims of trafficking receive the care they need.

Our Areas of Focus

group of youth



  • Protect children from violence 
  • Improve child protection systems
  • Amplify children’s voices in decision-making processes​
Jelena, 9, inside her home.



  • Develop child and family resilience
  • Strengthen society by building a culture of diversity and equity



  • Strengthen effective response to migrant crisis ​
  • Foster environmental stewardship
  • Strengthen community resilience