Lina Beehives 1

Beekeeping improves Linas life conditions

Beekeeping improves the life conditions for Lina and her family.

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Corona Response JWG 7

World Vision contributes to the response to COVID-19 in Northern West Bank

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JWG Response to COVID-19 (5)

World Vision Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza is responding to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Palestine

World Vision Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza (WV JWG) has started distributing emergency protection supplies in response to coronavirus outbreak in Palestine. The supplies are being distributed at quarantine rooms in the Ministry of Health (MoH) in areas of the organization’s work. 

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Tubas Launch 1

Launching of the New Area Program in Tubas

يستهدف هذا البرنامج 4500 طفل من خلال مشاريع متعددة تلبي احتياجات الأطفال في الحصول على بيئة داعمة توفر لهم مستقبلًا أفضل، فقد أظهرت دراسة مسح الاحتياجات في المنطقة إلى وجود تحديات كبيرة تواجه الأطفال هناك، مثل نقص الخدمات الصحية، وصعوبة الوصول إلى المدارس، وعمالة الأطفال، وانتشار العنف ضد الأطفال، وعدم توفر أماكن آمنة لللعب، ونقص المدارس ورياض الأطفال.

This program targets 4,500 children through multiple projects that meet the needs of children to have a supportive environment that provides them with a better future. The survey of needs conducted by WV JWG in the region, showed that there are major challenges facing children there, such as the lack of health services, the lack of access to schools, child labor, violence against children, the lack of safe play areas, and the lack of schools and kindergartens.

Etidal Hammad Face Bethlehem

Shining the Path for Other Women Like Me

Etidal, a Palestinian rural woman who worked her way from living in a conservative society to become the first female member of a male-dominated village council.

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Minas 1

Minas Kilani: A Sponsored Lawyer for Children’s Rights

“My twelve-year sponsorship experience with World Vision Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza was a journey at which I transitioned from an average childhood to a successful leadership adulthood life,” says Minas Kilani.

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Jerusalem–West Bank–Gaza

World Vision JWG has one of the largest community-based presence of any organisation operating in the West Bank. We work through 12 locations or area programmes (AP) in the West Bank, which directly support over 41,000 children participating in sponsorship programmes. The APs are located in Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus, Salfit, Tubas, Ramallah and Jenin, and are served by 78 dedicated female and male staff. The operation covers 149 communities with a total annual budget of $8.8 million USD. Private funding gives us stability and enables us to build long-term relationships with families, communities, schools, municipalities, village councils, the Palestinian Authority, faith communities and other civil society actors.

I am progress

Join our Campaign

Our global campaign is part of a broad movement to end violence against children. We are ambitiously working to change the policies, attitudes and behaviours that perpetuate the suffering of 1.7 billion children each year. It takes a world was born at a moment when those children were subjected to violence, and the global impact of violence equated to 12.4% of the world’s economic activity.

The campaign continues to grow in an ever-shifting landscape: More than half of all refugees are children; 2 billion people now live in countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence; social movements are increasingly “people powered” and based in digital spaces; millennials tend to be motivated by causes and values, comprise 1/4 of the global population and have potential to change the world.

Early Marriage in Palestine

In Palestine, the most recent, statistically sound, and representative data on child marriage is from the 2014 Palestinian Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) in partnership with the UNICEF and UNFPA, which found that 15% of girls between 20 and 24 are married before the age of 18 and 1% are married before the age of 15 (PCBS, 2015). However this data can be misleading as some areas in Palestine have higher rates of child marriage such as Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Area C (UNFPA, 2016 & UNFPA, 2017). The MICS survey also found that there are higher rates of early marriage in urban and camp areas rather than rural areas which in inconsistent with global child marriage trends (PCBS, 2015). This could be due to the inability to account for unregistered and informal marriages.

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I am Strength

Support Children in Palestine Towards Increasing Stability and Hope