Early Marriage - Palestine 2019

Early Marriage in Palestine

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CRC30 - Palestine
More than a quarter million participated in "Life in All Its Fullness" campaign conducted by World Vision Jerusalem - West Bank - Gaza

أكثر من ربع مليون مشارك في حملة "الحياة بكل معانيها" التي عقدتها مؤسسة الرؤية العالمية

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Football Tournament

Football Tournament for Girls

عقدت مؤسسة الرؤية العالمية بطولة كرة قدم خماسية للفتيات، يوم الاثنين الموافق 18/11/2019، وذلك بالشراكة مع وزارة التربية والتعليم والمجلس الأعلى للشباب والرياضة ومحافظة مدينة رام اللة والبيرة، وبحضور بلدية البيرة، بالإضافة إلى بعض المؤسسات المحلية.

Seven teams from seven schools from Jenin, Salfit, Hebron, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Nablus and South Nablus participated in the tournament. Its system was to get the beaten team out of the game from the first time. The results came as follows: Nablus Directorate team won the title of the championship, the second place went to Ramallah Directorate team, the third place went to Hebron Directorate team and the fourth place was for Jenin Directorate.

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Tubas Launch 1

Launching of the New Area Program in Tubas

يستهدف هذا البرنامج 4500 طفل من خلال مشاريع متعددة تلبي احتياجات الأطفال في الحصول على بيئة داعمة توفر لهم مستقبلًا أفضل، فقد أظهرت دراسة مسح الاحتياجات في المنطقة إلى وجود تحديات كبيرة تواجه الأطفال هناك، مثل نقص الخدمات الصحية، وصعوبة الوصول إلى المدارس، وعمالة الأطفال، وانتشار العنف ضد الأطفال، وعدم توفر أماكن آمنة لللعب، ونقص المدارس ورياض الأطفال.

This program targets 4,500 children through multiple projects that meet the needs of children to have a supportive environment that provides them with a better future. The survey of needs conducted by WV JWG in the region, showed that there are major challenges facing children there, such as the lack of health services, the lack of access to schools, child labor, violence against children, the lack of safe play areas, and the lack of schools and kindergartens.

Etidal Hammad Face Bethlehem

Shining the Path for Other Women Like Me

Etidal, a Palestinian rural woman who worked her way from living in a conservative society to become the first female member of a male-dominated village council.

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Mother and Baby - Health project

Empowering Palestinian Mothers

Empowering Palestinian Mothers to Protect the Bodies and Brains of their Newborns and Infants

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Jerusalem–West Bank–Gaza

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

World Vision Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza has been serving the most vulnerable children in this region since 1975, operating in the West Bank in three zonal offices (Jenin, Ramallah and Bethlehem) and two smaller offices (Nablus and Hebron), with 150 staff across Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza benefitting around 560,000 people.

I am progress

No Fear In Love

Summer camp is more than just playing. It's building life skills, communicating, meeting other peers from other schools and backgrounds, and developing creativity.

The summer camp's theme was "No fear in Love", stressing the importance of harmony and working together.

The story of Sharihan

A strong woman from Palestine chasing her dreams to open a flower greenhouse. Now she is a skillful entrepreneur, contributing to her household income and benefiting herself and her children with the support from World Vision Jerusalem-West Bank-Gaza!

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I am Strength

Support Children in Palestine Towards Increasing Stability and Hope