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Someone from Abroad Cares About Me

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World Vision JWG Child - Tuqa Abu Eid

She flies, falls, but is strong enough to fly again

"Look around you, the world gives us a lot of space to live in. Spread your wings, and take advantage of the opportunities available to you in your school, home and neighbourhood."

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Talfeet IMPACT+ Club - JWG

Qasam - from a Sponsored Child, to an IMPACT Club Leader to a Village Council Member

On October 26 of each year, Palestinians celebrate their women in a #nationalwomenday. In this occasion, World Vision JWG would like to shed the light on a special lady, who went from being a sponsored child to an IMPACT Club leader to being a member in her village council. Watch the story of Qasam in this video.

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World Vision - COVID-19 Response - West Bank - oPt

World Vision was the First Respondent to COVID-19 Pandemic in West Bank

World Vision Jerusalem - West Bank - Gaza (JWG) worked with the Palestinian Ministry of Health to respond to the outbreak of the COVID-19 in the West Bank. World Vision was the first to respond to the pandemic in the area.

In this publication, you can find data from the response of World Vision JWG to the COVID-19 pandemic in the West Bank, between March 2020 and March 2021.

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Education - Kindergartens - World Vision JWG - West Bank

World Vision JWG's Education Program's Capacity Statement

World Vision Jerusalem - West Bank - Gaza (JWG) works with the Palestinian Ministry of Education to enhance the literacy of children between the ages of 3-6 through the Learning Roots Program Model.

In this publication, you can find data from the work of World Vision JWG in the education sector in the communities it works with in the West Bank, between October 2019 to September 2020.

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EU Emblem - clear

World Vision launches ‘SAFE’ project in West Bank with EU Humanitarian Aid

To address increasing protection concerns and a lack of safe learning spaces, World Vision and War Child have launched an EU-funded project (EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid - ECHO) to increase safe access to schools and psycho-social support for children in the West Bank. For more details visit the website.

World Vision JWG - oPt landscape - Southern West Bank

The Restore of Hope in The Drought Earth

Global warming is agreed by the majority to be altering the world's climate. Its impact is felt in all sectors of society through changes in temperatures and precipitation, as well as through changes in the frequency and intensity of climatic extreme events. Despite the fact that climate change is not the most urgent issue for people in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (oPt), the climate risks are significant and will accumulate current and future development challenges.

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Randa Darawish 1

Randa is a 'Lantern' in Social Work

Social workers leave a positive impact wherever they go. They brighten the dark parts of people’s lives.

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Jerusalem–West Bank–Gaza

World Vision JWG has one of the largest community-based presence of any organisation operating in the West Bank. We work through 12 locations or area programmes (AP) in the West Bank, which directly support over 41,000 children participating in sponsorship programmes. The APs are located in Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus, Salfit, Tubas, Ramallah and Jenin, and are served by 78 dedicated female and male staff. The operation covers 149 communities with a total annual budget of $8.8 million USD. Private funding gives us stability and enables us to build long-term relationships with families, communities, schools, municipalities, village councils, the Palestinian Authority, faith communities and other civil society actors.

Happy Children at KG - World Vision JWG 1

Children Reached Annually


Iskaka Summer Camp 2

Join our Campaign

As a coalition of partners, we are launching a national-level campaign in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, It Takes a World to End Violence Against Children In and Around Schools. The places and spheres where Palestinian children experience violence are vast. We would like to begin to reduce this violence by addressing it ’in and around schools’ so children have their right to experience a childhood. The goal of the campaign is for Palestinian children to enjoy school, feel safe and be protected with leaders and caregivers dedicated to improve systems and promote a violence-free society. Duration: FY20 - FY23. By Whom: International and national partners, including faith-based, corporations, NGOs, government, schools, village councils, families and children. To Whom: Palestinian Society. How: Whole School Approach to Violence Prevention, as developed by UNICEF, UNESCO and WHO, as well the INSPIRE Framework. Why: Because children deserve better childhoods and lives free of violence.

Early Marriage in Palestine

In Palestine, the most recent, statistically sound, and representative data on child marriage is from the 2014 Palestinian Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) in partnership with the UNICEF and UNFPA, which found that 15% of girls between 20 and 24 are married before the age of 18 and 1% are married before the age of 15 (PCBS, 2015). However this data can be misleading as some areas in Palestine have higher rates of child marriage such as Gaza, East Jerusalem, and Area C (UNFPA, 2016 & UNFPA, 2017). The MICS survey also found that there are higher rates of early marriage in urban and camp areas rather than rural areas which in inconsistent with global child marriage trends (PCBS, 2015). This could be due to the inability to account for unregistered and informal marriages.

I am Strength

Support Children in Palestine Towards Increasing Stability and Hope