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Overview of programmes and achievements of World Vision Jerusalem - West Bank - Gaza in 2022

World Vision has worked in the occupied Palestinian territory for the last 47 years. With 91 dedicated staff and an annual budget of US$11 million in 2023, it has developed one of the most extensive community-based presences. In 2022, our programs directly benefited over 233,000 individuals, including 169,000 children residing in 150 villages across the West Bank.

This leaflet presents our programmes and achievements for each of our four strategic priorities: Early Childhood Development, Education in Emergencies, Child Protection, and child and Youth Resilience and life skills.

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Early Childhood Development: Overview of World Vision Programmes

Early childhood experiences have a profound impact on brain development, which serves as the foundation for all subsequent learning, behaviour, and health outcomes. 80% of the brain develops in the first three years of life, but this development can be interrupted if a child is poorly nourished and nurtured, if she/he is not stimulated properly, or if she/he is not protected from violence.

To support children in reaching their full potential, World Vision Jerusalem - West Bank - Gaza implements a comprehensive Early Childhood Development programme that directly benefited 22,000 children in 2022.

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Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza

World Vision started to work in the West Bank and Gaza in 1975. Since then, World Vision JWG has developed one of the largest community-based presences of any organisation operating in the West Bank with 91 dedicated staff and a total annual budget of USD 11 million. In 2022, our programming on education, early childhood development, child protection and child resilience benefited directly more than 233,000 people, including 169,000 children in 150 villages in the West Bank.

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It Takes a World

to end violence in and around schools


85% of Palestinian children report experiencing
psychological or physical violence in the past 12 months.