ECD Capacity Statement

Early Childhood Development: Overview of World Vision Programmes

Early childhood experiences have a profound impact on brain development, which serves as the foundation for all subsequent learning, behaviour, and health outcomes. 80% of the brain develops in the first three years of life, but this development can be interrupted if a child is poorly nourished and nurtured, if she/he is not stimulated properly, or if she/he is not protected from violence.

A UNICEF's report from 2022 found that only 25% of Palestinian children aged three to six years take part in early childhood education programs. Additionally, a 2020 baseline study conducted by World Vision revealed that merely 62% of all Palestinian children under six years of age are on track developmentally in all domains.

To support children in reaching their full potential, World Vision Jerusalem - West Bank - Gaza implements a comprehensive Early Childhood program that directly benefited 22,000 children in 2022.