Our Work

World Vision works with communities and children in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza through a range of programmes that promote change and improve their well-being. World Vision’s development work aims to ensure that children:

Children Enjoying Good Health 

World Vision counsels and trains households on hygiene, distributes hygiene kits and information, empowers communities in child and maternal health, opens new clinics and strengthens the capacity of healthcare centres. World Vision hosts medical care days and provides free health checkups and medication to village residents. Projects also aim to improve access to clean water by distributing water tanks, constructing water cisterns, irrigating water ponds and rehabilitating and expanding water networks, while conducting water cleanliness awareness campaigns. Health awareness, specifically maternal and child health is also a strong focus of our health programming in partnership with the Ministries of Education and Health. 

Children Educated For Life

In the area of education, World Vision rehabilitates schools, provides educational tools, stationary, computers and science laboratory equipment. World Vision also helps maintain and rehabilitate playgrounds for schools, as well as provides shading umbrellas for outdoor areas in schools under which children can play. Working towards ensuring that children receive quality education and are educated for life, World Vision also establishes and constructs schools, kindergartens, and libraries, trains teachers, conducts primary education courses, tutoring courses and computer training courses for students and organises a supportive educational programme for students.

Children Experiencing the Love of God and Their Neighbours 

World Vision helps communities plant trees, initiate agricultural cooperatives, rehabilitate land, greenhouses and establish house gardens to help families connect with their world in a positive way while helping to generate income. Advocating for children to enjoy positive relationships with their peers, family, and community members, World Vision establishes child committees, holds summer camps for children, builds the capacity of community based organisations (CBOs), supports community centres, implements neighbourhood committees and holds community open days. Through activities that empower children to overcome trauma, World Vision also encourages children’s hope and vision for the future.

Children Cared for, Protected and Participating

World Vision constructs safe areas for play where children are cared for in a safe, family and community environment, such as playgrounds, public gardens and soccer fields. Encouraging children to be respected participants in decisions affecting their lives, World Vision holds child rights fun shows, establishes student councils, holds workshops on child and human rights and child psychosocial well-being and distributes child rights awareness publications in its communities. To support parents and caregivers to further provide for their children, parents are more involved in awareness workshops on child needs and education. World Vision also provides employment opportunities for parents and caregivers, as well as food processing and sewing training for women to help them earn an income and care for their children.