Early Childhood Development

Investing in a child's early development is an investment that impacts their entire life.

A poor start in the early years is estimated to result in a loss of about a quarter of average adult income per year.

Only 62%

of children 0-6 years of age in the West Bank are on track in all domains


of children 0-3 years of age, through our Go Baby Go programme, are developmentally on track in all domains


of children 4-6 years of age, through our Learning Roots programme, are developmentally on track in all domains
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Go Baby Go

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Go Baby Go Model

World Vision’s Go Baby Go model is designed to target the most vulnerable pregnant mothers and their children in the first 1,000+ days of the baby’s life Developed with funding from the Gates Foundation, Go Bay Go aims to strengthen the knowledge of caregivers, their competencies, skills, confidence and well-being, and equip them with ECD stimulating tools so that they can provide age-appropriate nurturing care for children under the age of three, which is a crucial period of a child’s life considering the rapid brain growth and development. The ‘Go Baby Go’ model supports parents, who are first teachers of their children, with individual household-based support and group sessions for improved parenting skills, family well-being and holistic child development. The model also supports Mother and Child Health (MCH) services by equipping MCH clinics with the needed tools to improve the quality of provided services and enhance a child-friendly environment.

Today, World Vision JWG has trained 142 community health volunteers, who implement the model’s activities in 130 Palestinian villages and communities, aiming to achieve a significant positive change for Palestinian children. While only 62% of Palestinian children are on track developmentally in all domains, 86% of children of caregivers who participate in Go Baby Go are become developmentally on track (FY21 annual results).

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Learning Roots

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Learning Roots Model

World Vision’s aspiration for all children is for them to be “Educated for Life,” from birth all the way through and beyond adolescence. This life-cycle approach at the heart of World Vision’s education strategy enhances learning outcomes by integrating physical, mental, social and emotional support across each phase of a child’s development, especially for the most vulnerable.

Learning Roots targets children from ages 3-6, which are the earliest years of a child’s life and a window of opportunity to support the emergence of literacy, numeracy and life skills that will form the foundation for a life- time of learning and fulfillment. Learning Roots is designed to meet the development and learning needs of children from age 3-6, preparing them for a successful transition to primary school. All components of Learning Roots offer support for the most vulnerable children with special attention given to inclusion.

World Vision JWG has trained over 144 teachers on effective nurturing and best practices for child development, helped furnish and rehabilitate 168 kindergartens to create safe and stimulating environment and supported them by providing the necessary tools and resources, such as stationery and corner play toys. We also established 23 new public kindergartens (as of March 2021), with the support of the MoE, to increase access of children to education, particularly the most vulnerable. 89% of teachers who completed at least 80% of the sessions offered for teacher training scored at least 80% correct on all post-tests (March 2021 semi-annual results).