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Must-watch WASH Videos

The videos on this page showcase some of the key aspects of World Vision’s approach to water, sanitation and hygiene. The videos give you a glimpse into our vision, our leaders, who we serve and how we do it. We hope you enjoy them!

If you’re interested in more videos about World Vision WASH, follow this link to a playlist of several more WASH videos. 

Every Child Deserves Clean Water

Our vision is that every child deserves clean water and World Vision's leaders across the world are committed to making this happen.

Miracle Well Innovation

Every day, nearly 1,600 children die from diarrhea caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene—more than from AIDS and malaria combined. We believe that every child deserves clean water. Join the movement to provide clean water.

Walking in Sabina's Shoes

World Vision journalist Kari Costanza walks a mile in Sabina's shoes in rural Africa, experiencing her daily journey to retrieve clean water.

World Vision's Leaders and Their Commitment to WASH

Hear World Vision's top leaders and why they are so passionate about WASH.

World Vision's Tenacious Women Leaders in WASH

Traditionally WASH has been a male-dominated industry. World Vision intentionally hires women into key leadership roles in WASH. See just some of our inspiring, tenacious women leaders in WASH. Strong Women, Strong World. Learn more at #wvswsw

Three Generations Transformed by WASH


Grandmothers. Mothers. Daughters. Granddaughters. We can all relate to them. In Duke Village in Malawi, one borehole literally changed the lives of three generations of women overnight and the destiny of future generations in this family. When women are empowered and strengthened, the world gets stronger. Strong Women, Strong World.

WASH in Emergency

When a natural disaster or conflict occurs, the need for access to clean water is critical. World Vision acts fast to implement WASH solutions in emergency and fragile contexts all over the world.

Julius and WASH for Children With Disabilities

There are over 5.4 million children with disabilities in Southern Africa. In Malawi, World Vision has pioneered building latrines that meet the needs of children with disabilities. Watch how Julius Gideon, who just like any other boy, loves soccer, school and even wants to work for World Vision when he grows up!

Five Simple Ways That Help Households with WASH

Through an extensive network of WASH specialists and community health workers, World Vision educates women in households on five simple ways they can keep water free from contamination. This includes: The Tippy Tap, Latrines, Dish Rack, Shower Stall, and Rubbish Collection.

WASH Means Opportunity