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COVID-19 response: emergency intervention in the rural communities of Romania

The life of children and families living in our villages has always been tough: difficult access to proper food, medicines, hygiene products. Now, because of the current pandemic, their situation has become desperate.

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World Vision began its operations in Romania in 1990 soon after the fall of the communist regime, responding to the plight of Romanian children in orphanages. Over time, we partnered with the Romanian Government to develop services aimed at preventing child abandonment, and sought to enhance rehabilitation for children with disabilities. Since 2001 we've sponsored a range of scholarship projects to support the increasing number of excelling students from rural areas, whose parents are unable to afford their education.

Over the last 20 years, we've provided support to more than 350,000 children and adults,  supporting approximately 20,850 children through child sponsorship. Each of our programs is designed around community participation and involvement in order to achieve lasting change for children.