World Vision Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

World Vision was launched in Sierra Leone in March 1996 during the civil war. WV provided food aid to over 140,000 IDPs in Bo town and supported agricultural recovery for over 15,000 farm families in the south and east. WV facilitated resettlement of over 165,000 IDPs in the south and east.

In February 2003, WV transitioned to longer-term development, implementing community-based area development programmes (ADP). By 2016, 25 ADPs had been launched.


Health and Nutrition

Increase in the number of children aged 0-5 years who are protected from infection and diseases. Contribute to SDG 2 and 3 (Zero hunger, good health and wellbeing).


Increase in the number of children who can read. Contribute to SDG 4 (quality education).

Child Protection

Increase in the number of children who enjoy peaceful and positive relationships with their families and communities. Contribute to SDG 5,8 & 16 (gender equality, decent work, economic growth and strong institutions).

World Vision’s work in the above listed sectors has and is still impacting the lives of 750,000 children within their families and communities especially the most vulnerable children. 

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