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Ethiopian farmer holding carrots
The untapped potential of agroforestry
Bill Mollison, father of permaculture, once said: “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.” And, this may well be the case for climate change. 
Indonesian mother holding two month old baby
Women cannot breastfeed alone.
Only two in every five children worldwide are breastfed during their first six months. When evidence shows that increasing breastfeeding would prevent more than 800,000 child deaths globally, helping women breastfeed should be a universal priority. But in many countries, it isn’t.
Mother holding child on her lap
Why we need naming and shaming
The worst kinds of violations of children’s rights are committed every day because of conflict. Horrific acts make a blip on our radar but quickly slide into a distant memory.
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World Vision Thought Leaders


Isabel Gomes Headshot
Senior Director, External Engagement and Resource Development

Isabel Gomes

With a focus on decreasing the vulnerability of children after disasters, Isabel leads World Vision’s humanitarian external engagements with key pa

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Amos Doornbos headshot
Disaster Management Strategy & Systems Director

Amos Doornbos

Every day, I get to figure out how to use new approaches, new models, new technology to enable people affected by crises to rebuild their own lives

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Tony Rinaudo Headshot
Principal Natural Resources Advisor

Tony Rinaudo

My passion is helping farmers and communities regenerate and protect vegetation and, as a result, the environment and their income.

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Aline Rahbany headshot
Urban Programming Advisor

Aline Rahbany

My background is in development and humanitarian work across the Middle East and Eastern Europe, I currently lead our urban programming globally.

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Mike Wisheart headshot
Senior Advisor, Business Sector Engagement & Partnerships

Mike Wisheart

Team: Advocacy and External Engagement, Global Office

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Dan Irvine headshot
Senior Director for Sustainable Health

Dan Irvine

As the Senior Director for Sustainable Health, I enjoy leading our global maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition work.

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Esther Lehmann headshot
Partnership Leader – Faith and Development

Esther Lehmann

Esther provides leadership for leveraging Faith and Development to make a positive difference for vulnerable children.

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Andrew Morley Headshot
President and Chief Executive Officer

Andrew J. Morley

Andrew Morley became President of World Vision International in early 2019, having been Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Collaboration Office

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Mike Weickert Headshot
Disaster Management - Canada

Mike Weickert

With more than 20 years’ experience in disaster management, I oversee some of our largest responses, and teach a graduate course in development.

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Angeline Munzara headshot
Livelihoods Senior Advisor

Angeline Munzara

I call on my more than 15 years of development experience at the national, regional and international level to change women’s lives. 

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Liteboho headshot
Young Leader

Liteboho L

As a young leader (age 17) from Lesotho, I hope to ensure that boys and girls can be agents of change.

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Roslinda headshot
Young Leader

Roslinda Ina

As a young leader (age 14) from Indonesia, my vision is that every child in every village is protected from any form of violence.

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Nomundari headshot
Young Leader

Nomundari U

As a young leader (age 14) from Mongolia, I am committed to children's rights and the environment.

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Lyndsay Hockin
Senior Humanitarian Policy Advisor and UN Representative

Lyndsay Hockin

I draw on 10 years of working in some of the world's most fragile contexts, to advocate for children being left behind.

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