World Vision Angola


In Angola, World Vision programmes are focused on four main pillars: Health and Nutrition, Water, hygiene and Sanitation, Resilience and Livelihoods and Emergencies. The programme portfolio comprises of grant funded and private non-sponsorship funded projects. Currently, World Vision is implementing programmes in all the 18 provinces of Angola.

Our dedicated teams serve all people, regardless of creed, ethnicity, gender, race, religion. We are committed to improving people’s lives by working towards sustainable solutions:

· Combating moderate and severe malnutrition

· Training families and communities in agricultural improvement techniques and increase access to safe water;

· Raising awareness and working with Governments and partners to combat preventable diseases such as: malaria, diarrhea, and pneumonia

· Improving the health of children and mothers in rural communities through health care and nutrition education;

· Supporting groups of women to develop and access income through projects of economic development and entrepreneurship;

· Strengthening Angolan civil society organizations and empowering them exercise their roles;

· Acting in emergency situations, especially those that victimize children and adolescents.

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