Children fighting to end child marriage

Working together, the government, INGOs, Donors, Traditional leaders, faith leaders and children launch a report outlining violence against children.

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Empowered Children Advocate to End Child Marriage

Empowering children to find their voices and take action in issues that are affecting their well-being, such as child marriage.

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Limited access to proper sanitation, insufficient and/or irregular supplies of food put many children in Ghana at risk, physically, every day. At the same time, low literacy levels coupled with high rates of child marriage, child labour and female genital mutilation make it difficult for many children to live life to their fullest, achieve their dreams and prepare for their future.

Our teams of dedicated development professionals have been working in Ghana since 1979 to build a better world for children, their families and their communities. We partner with parents, like-minded organizations, faith leaders and the government to address the underlying causes of poverty and injustice in order to build a better world for all children in Ghana.  

29.1 million

Population, total


Capital City

59 billion

GDP (current US$)
Ghana 2018 Annual Report Cover

World Vision Ghana Annual Review 2018

See the immediate and lasting impact of our work on children, their families and their communities through this in-depth report. 

Re-greening land in Ghana

A boy dances on a road in Ghana

Empowering Children through Community Development