Zion's story
Free Her From Fear

*Zion's story - The Violent Truth About Teenage Pregnancy

Zion, 16, is eight months pregnant. She lives near Ngogwe in Uganda. 

Learn more about her story and the violent effects of teenage pregnancy on girls across Africa


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World Vision Uganda seeks to address causes and effects of poverty through development, relief and advocacy. Over 128,633 registered children benefit from World Vision Uganda’s work.  World Vision Uganda is able to provide educational support, construct and equip schools and health centres, train health workers and farmers, participate in advocacy campaigns, distribute improved crop varieties and animal breeds, and provide clean and safe water. 

World Vision Uganda started in 1986 to offer relief and resettlement packages and to help reconstruct districts in central Uganda ravaged by the 1981-1986 war. Development work was added on with the initiation of Community Development Projects (CDPs) in central, southern, western and West Nile regions between 1987 and 1995. 

Projects based on grants were also started to cover different sectors including water and sanitation, HIV and AIDS, food security, feeder roads, psychosocial support and peace building. Expansion in geographical areas and in activities has been based on need.  

World Vision Uganda operates in more than 50 districts, with 53 Area Development Programmes (ADPs).

41.2 million

Population, total


Capital City

26 billion

GDP (current US$)
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