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It takes a world to
End violence against children

Over 1 billion children are affected by violence.

It destroys their dignity, their rights, their potential and their future.

And it costs the world US$7 trillion a year.

We’re relentlessly taking action to end violence against children - highlighting when it occurs, empowering young people to speak out and holding those responsible to account.

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Together we can make a safer world for children.
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“If all of us gather together and help one another, even a small voice when joined with other voices will be a great and powerful voice.”

Rose, young person, Thailand

Why are we campaigning to end violence against children?

Our impact

With help from people like you and our partners around the world, we’ve already made a difference to over 200 million children.

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Together we’re changing policies and transforming lives around the world. But too many children are still experiencing violence in their homes, schools and communities. You can help make a difference! Join our movement to end violence.