Cash Transfer Safety Net project restores hope and livelihoods to households affected by locust invasions

Restoring hope and livelihoods to households affected by locust invasions

World Vision launched the Locust Response project in Puntland (Nugal region) to improve food security through immediate cash-inject assets for protection and livelihood recovery. Objectives of the project include to improve households’ immediate access to food, reduce the spread of desert locusts in coordination with communities and government, and strengthen preventive and surveillance measures.

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The famine in Somalia 10 years ago should drive us to action today

The famine in Somalia 10 years ago should drive us to action today

20 July 2021 marks the 10-year anniversary since the Somalia famine was officially declared, which resulted in over 260,000 deaths, including 133,000 children, mostly under the age of 5. Today, more than 41 million people are one step away from starvation. A deadly mix of conflict, climate change and the economic fallout of COVID-19 are driving ever worsening hunger for millions of children and their families. If we stand by and do nothing, children will not just starve but they will also be forced to make terrible survival choices that will put them in harm’s way and leave lasting consequences.

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Looming severe drought in Somalia if rains fail
NGO Consortium calls for urgent action

Looming severe drought in Somalia if rains fail

A severe drought is looming in Somalia amid ongoing challenges of the third wave of COVID-19, locust infestations and political instability making the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance at risk of escalating rapidly.

With only 3.9 percent of the USD 1.09 billion-Humanitarian Response Plan disbursed to date in a country grappling with multiple humanitarian threats, the Somalia NGO Consortium (SNC) calls on all actors to urgently take action now and prepare for a large-scale crisis as rainfall is forecasted 70% below average in some areas of Somalia in the next three months.

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World Vision's community feedback mechanism benefits children with disability
Disability inclusion during COVID-19

World Vision's community feedback mechanism benefits children with disability

Thanks to World Vision’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feedback system, beneficiaries living with disabilities in Dacarta village now have a new reason to smile. Among other benefits, the initiative has informed provision of mobility aids to persons living with disability in rural areas, in order to enable them move around with ease.

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Partnering to support caregivers through immunisation innovation

Partnering to support caregivers through health innovation

Even before COVID-19 struck, nearly 3.2 million Somalis lacked access to health services. The need for health systems that protect everyone has never been more urgent.

Through a pilot project brokered by the Response Innovation Lab (RIL) between OGOW EMR and World Vision Somalia, rural and urban health facilities have been supported to utilise innovation for medical records, health promotion, and immunisation uptake. 

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World Vision's Coronavirus Response in Somalia
Protecting children and families in Somalia

COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan

World Vision is rolling out a COVID-19 preparedness and response plan in order to continue its life-saving operations in Somalia without exposing staff and the communities we serve to risks. In close coordination with local authorities, the World Health Organisation (WHO), and other partners, a number of key measures are going to be implemented in our coverage areas across the country. Our National Director breaks down our response plan.

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World Vision has been operational in Somalia since 1992. We have programmes in all the regions of the country.

We are dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice, promote development and resilience. Our goal is to enhance the resilient well-being of 2 Million Children and their communities in Somalia by 2020.

Food Security and Livelihood, Health and Nutrition, and Water and Sanitation have been the three major foci for Somalia. However, we have been strengthening our programming on Education, Shelter and Protection.

14.6 million

Population, total


Capital City

4.5 billion

GDP (current US$)
 Innovating with partners in Somalia

Innovating with partners in Somalia

by Lillian Omariba, Senior Communications Manager for WV Somalia

Great partnerships and innovation are helping to create awareness and dissemination of information in Somalia. This allows us to address the lack of context-relevant tools needed to communicate key COVID-19 messages on prevention, risk factors and recommended actions for the general public, frontline health workers, other caregivers, and vulnerable communities in particular.

Digital Attendance App (DAA), in Puntland, Somalia

Our Work

Through our work in various sectors, we are working to improve the well-being of 2 million children across the country.

A shallow well saves girls and women

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Low-cost land restoration Techniques

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A pillar for his community

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Somali child
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