2021 Annual Report - Zambia
Our impact in Zambia

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World Vision is driven by our desire to serve God and transform the lives of vulnerable children.

Our 2021 Annual Report summarises our impact across the country throughout the year, and provides evidence on how our programming improves lives for the most vulnerable children, families, and communities in areas where we work.

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Unlocking children's potential

Rabson transitions from cattle herder to schoolboy

Having been a cattle herder for five years, 12-year-old Rabson says it makes him sad to see children younger than him herd cattle instead of being in school. So far, World Vision has supported the formation of 68 reading camps in Nyimba District (where Rabson lives) to encourage reading and literacy among children like him.

Today, over 1,700 children are benefiting. 

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16 Days of Activism - Zambia
16 Days of Activism 2021

Our National Director's call for an end to gender-based violence

World Vision's National Director for Zambia, John Hasse, urges all actors to take action against Gender-Based Violence (GBV). GBV is detrimental to household and community development, destroys families and weakens communities. It can also cause lifelong damage to girls and women.

Together, we can end violence against women and girls across the country.

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UPLIFT Project in Zambia

World Vision launches new education project funded by the European Union

World Vision has launched a new education project in Zambia titled 'The Urban and Rural Programme for Learners’ Inclusion, Foundation and Transformation through Education Action (UPLIFT Education Project) which will be implemented in Eastern Province. The project seeks to address barriers to access to education for vulnerable children and youth and will be implemented in Lumezi and Lundazi districts of Eastern Province.

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World Vision donation of laptops to girls' school to help STEM teaching

Donation of laptops to girls' school to help STEM teaching

In an area with low educational attainment, World Vision has donated laptops to help improve the quality of education and retention of girls. Kanyata Girls Secondary School in the Northern Province of Zambia, is the recipient of 15 laptops worth approximately K112,000 (US$4,980).

The donation was made to help improve the quality of teaching and encourage girls' education.

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More than 4,300 children receive birth certificates in Northern Province
Protecting children from violence

More than 4,300 children receive birth certificates in Northern Province

In an effort to ensure that boys and girls from vulnerable households remain protected while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic period, World Vision has partnered with the Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Department of Passport and National Registration to strengthen civil registration systems aimed at multiplying registration and issuance of birth certificates in Northern Province.

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From learning under a tree, to a complete classroom block

From learning under a tree, to a complete classroom block

Joyce believes in starting with small steps to witness greater achievements. In 2004, she gathered up her courage and mobilised 20 children to start a class. But since she did not have a place to teach from and materials for the children to use, Joyce secured shade under a tree, and the children used the ground as their book.

Through local-level advocacy birthed out of the Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) approach, resources were mobilised to build a classroom block now supporting 186 children.

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World Vision began working in Zambia in 1981 with three small community developments projects in northern Lusaka.

Today, our teams work in 43 districts in nine provinces of Zambia, complementing the Government’s efforts to reach vulnerable children and communities in the country.

Through Area Programmes, World Vision’s interventions have addressed issues of food insecurity, primarily through agriculture, water and sanitation, education, health, infrastructure development, livelihood and child protection in the process of transforming the lives of vulnerable children, women and families.

Improving the well-being and the futures of children continues to be the focus of everything we do.

17.9 million

Population, total


Capital City

23.1 billion

GDP (current US$)
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About World Vision Zambia

Children are at the heart of our work. In Zambia, we serve the most vulnerable children and communities. Currently, our work is themed around five key areas as outlined in the 2016-2020 strategy. These are Literacy, Maternal and Child Health, child protection and spiritual nature, resilient Livelihood, and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

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Share your story, Zambia!

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Current Projects

By 2020, World Zambia will contribute to the measurable improvement in the well-being of 670,000 vulnerable children.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

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Child Protection

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