_School WasH program keeps girls in school (1)
Menstrual Hygiene - WasH

Separate school toilet keeps girls in school

Situm primary school is the biggest primary school in Nawaeb District of Morobe Province with an estimated one thousand student’s enrolled and 30 teaching staff with a limited amount of access to sanitation facilities.

TB Survivor becomes Treatment Supporter (4)
Tuberculosis Treatment Support

Tuberculosis survivor becomes a treatment supporter

She was inspired and motivated by other health workers treating her at the clinic and shared her interest with one of World Vision's TB Treatment Supporter Supervisors that she loves the job he is doing and would like to do that same after completing her medication.

She remained faithful with her daily medication and was declared cured on December 18, 2020.

Village Health Volunteers in Buin, South Bougainville

Nutrition program helps William recover from malnutrition

Much smaller in stature than your average 2-year-old, we met William and his father Lawrence outside their family home in Pariro village, Buin District of South Bougainville. A couple of months shy of his 3rd birthday, you would not think anything wrong with this bright-eyed little boy.

Ngariawang 2 Classroom 2
Together for Education

Changing community's perspective through education

They were using a semi-permanent classroom where the students sat on the floor during classes. Ms. Kwanean did not know how to create a School Learning and Improvement Plan (SLIP) for her school and had no experience in school administration. So the thought of building a classroom seemed like an impossible task.

This was until Together for Education's intervention brought to them the SLIP training. Ms. Kwanean together with the school Board of Management Chairman Michael Kupik and the PNC Chairman Paul Magan were trained on how to create a SLIP and how to execute their plans. This training was an eye-opener for Ms. Kwanean and her community representatives.  

Changing community's perspective through education
Water Hygiene and Sanitation Project empowers woman to lead

Water Hygiene and Sanitation Project empowers woman to lead

Inspired by intervention from the Klinpela Komuniti project, Angela rallied a charitable donation from the community members to support the purchase of cement for the construction of toilet slabs.

The plastic compound now has an entire household of over 30 households with safe toilets, installed with Sato pans.


Morobe health workers upskilled and ready for immunisation push

More than 90 Morobe health sector workers have completed practical training to boost immunization coverage and reduce the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases in the province.

Participants improved their ability to administer new vaccines and manage the logistics of immunization outreaches, which will help to reduce illness, disability, and death caused by vaccine-preventable diseases like polio, measles, tetanus, and others.


Morobe families are happy with improved immunization access

By 2020, the Accelerating Immunization and Health Systems Strengthening program aims to increase national immunization coverage from 30 percent to more than 80 percent – the recommended rate to reduce and prevent illness, disability, and deaths.

The impacts of diseases like polio, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and measles can last a lifetime and for new mother Sophia this was a major motivation to get her baby immunized. 

Vaccine-preventable diseases can lead to disabilities or death – depriving people of the ability to fulfill their potential as contributors to their families, communities, and country.

World Vision works with government to contain the spread of COVID 19
COVID-19 Emergency Response

World Vision works with government to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Papua New Guinea

World Vision in Papua New Guinea (WVPNG) has joined the government of Papua New Guinea to prevent COVID-19 in the Western Province of the country. The Western Province is border province where Papua New Guinea shares a sea border with Australia.

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I miss school and hope we go back soon Ruthie

COVID-19: Ruthie misses going to school

The PNG Government passed a bill to extend the PNG's state of emergency for another two months due to COVID-19 outbreak. “I'm feeling bored at home. I miss my friends. It's been so long already, when will this end,” says 12-year old Ruthie.

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Child-focused disaster risk reduction

World Vision's Child-focused Disaster Risk Reduction project in Madang Province, Papua New Guinea works with children in schools to educate them on how to protect themselves during disasters.


Edward leads the way through cocoa farming

Edward Kamuai is a lead cocoa farmer, buyer, and distributor in World Vision's Productive Partnerships in Agriculture project in Bougainville. 

Frontline TB workers Musato

A day in the life of a TB treatment supporter: Musato

As a TB treatment supporter, our role is to take care and love our patients, smiles Musato. She was once a TB patient who was cured and now works as a TB treatment Supporter with World Vision in Daru, Western Province, Papua New Guinea.


Bringing hope to earthquake survivors inspires me to do more

In March 2018, a month after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake devastated the Highlands Region in Papua New Guinea, I was deployed as an Emergency Logistics Officer to assist in the relief efforts of World Vision.


Our light in the dark

In 2018, World Vision responded to the call to assist survivors of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. One year after, with funding support from the New Zealand Aid Programme, World Vision was able to address the water, sanitation and hygiene needs of 22 communities around the Mt. Bosavi area, protecting the health and well-being of men, women and children in the affected areas.


Francisca's dreams now within reach

This year’s theme for the UN certified International Day of Rural Women is, “Sustainable infrastructure, services and social protection for gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls”. Gender equity and the empowerment of women and children is a priority area for projects initiated by World Vision and its partners in PNG, to in turn support the development aspiration of the Government of PNG.


Papua New Guinea


World Vision PNG - Faith & Development

The MoA is aimed at delivering the ‘Child Well Being Project’ through improved parenting and caregiving practices in the targeted Lae communities of Bumbu, Kamkumung, and 2 – 7 mile settlements in Lae city.

The project is a three-year program funded by World Vision United States (WVUS) and will benefit more than 3000 individuals, including women and children in the selected communities and settlements. 

In Papua New Guinea, we work with various partners in a grant-funded context to improve the well-being of the most vulnerable children, including their families, and communities. We help bridge the gap between basic services and communities’ priority needs, and work to transform people’s mindsets and behaviours to help them take ownership of their own development.  

We work with communities, local civil society organisations, businesses, non-government organisations, faith-based groups, and national and local level government to deliver multiple programs, namely Tuberculosis and HIV treatment and management, maternal, newborn, child health, and nutrition (MNCHN), water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), education (early childhood care and development), livelihoods and resilience, child protection, reducing gender-based violence, and disaster risk reduction including climate change adaptation.  

In the past three years, World Vision directly assisted 154,148 people (including 66,933 children) through our various projects across 15 out of 22 provinces in the country.

8.4 million

Population, total

Port Moresby

Capital City

22.7 billion

GDP (current US$)

Child-focused disaster risk reduction

Current Projects

See the ways that we are making a positive change in the lives of children and their families in Papua New Guinea. 

Tuberculosis and HIV Management


Voices for Empowerment 


Early Childhood Literacy

It takes you and me to end physical violence Papua New Guinea children

It takes you and me


Violence in all its form is the biggest issue affecting children today. But it doesn’t have to be this way.


Faith & Development

The MoA is aimed at delivering the ‘Child Well Being Project’ through improved parenting and caregiving practices in the targeted Lae communities of Bumbu, Kamkumung, and 2 – 7 mile settlements in Lae city. Over 3000 people are expected to benefit from this project.

WVPNG has ten active projects in Morobe Province working in WASH, Education, Livelihoods, Health in Immunization, and COVID Response. The Child Well Being Project will bring the entire projects WVPNG operates in the province to eleven.

To ensure the Child Well Being Programs success, WVPNG will train project staff from our Rispectim Yu Yet, Rispectim Narapela Na Yumi Sanap Wantaim program, parents, youths, and faith leaders from the Bumbu, Kamkumung, and Miles settlement using Faith-Based Approaches to benefit more than 3000 beneficiaries.