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South Sudan

World Vision has been working in South Sudan since 1989 and was one of the few humanitarian agencies that provided emergency assistance during war to the displaced populations in what was then the Southern Sudan region of Sudan and continued to do so after the birth of the Republic of South Sudan.

The widespread violence that broke out in Juba on eve of South Sudan’s 5th anniversary of independence made an already unprecedented humanitarian emergency even worse, putting an incredible strain on the humanitarian system that millions of South Sudanese across the country depend on to survive.  

Before the violence broke out, South Sudan was already facing wide-spread food insecurity and malnutrition with a risk of famine growing in several parts of the country.

According to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) for the Republic of South Sudan released in June, the overall food security and nutrition situation has continued to worsen resulting in over 4.8 million people (about a third of the population) experiencing acute levels of hunger and malnutrition.

This is an increase of one million people overall and a 40 percent increase in number of children treated for severe malnutrition since the same period last year.

World Vision has stepped up its operations in and around Juba and  has also continued to provide humanitarian assistance in other parts of the country

Since 2015, World Vision has reached over 1.3 million South Sudanese, of which more than 630,000 are children.


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