Dakheel contemplates the future for his children
A snapshot of what a Syrian father faces

Thoughts of a Refugee

As the conflict continues in Syria after 10 years, there are 6.7 million Syrian refugees around the world, the largest displacement in recent history. In Iraq nearly 250,000 Syrian refugees seek shelter and a safer life for their families. Dakheel shares the realities he faces as he lives in a tent with his family in a refugee camp.

Meet Dakheel
Zahraa during the WASH Up! programme in Iraq

Raya and Elmo helped Zahraa to prepare for COVID-19

Meet Zahraa and learn how Raya and Elmo helped her and her family to be more prepared for COVID-19 in Iraq.

Meet Zahraa
Iraq COVID-19 Response

Responding to COVID-19

Around the world, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking lives, devastating families and disrupting life in previously unimaginable ways. 

We are responding in every country we work in to limit the spread of the virus and reduce its impact on vulnerable children and their families. 

Iraq, is one of the 17 priority countries where we are increasing our efforts to protect especially vulneralble populations.

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WV Iraq Annual Report
World Vision Iraq shares its 2019 Annual Report

Expanding to Reach the Most Vulnerable

This year has been a dynamic one for World Vision Iraq (WV Iraq) as we have passionately sought to meet the needs of the most vulnerable children, their families and communities in Iraq. In this report, WV Iraq shares details of our work across Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, Kirkuk, Salah al-Din and Ninewa, reaching 586,736 people in 2019.

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Visual reminders of conflict in Mosul
Rebuilding minds not just buildings

The Less Seen Need in Recovery

Two years after the Prime Minister of Iraq declared victory over ISIL on 10 December 2017, the effects of years under ISIL rule and following conflict to retake control are still very present for many Iraqis. Girls and boys in Mosul continue to need support to help them cope through overcoming feelings of isolation, fear of leaving their homes and returning to school, inability to focus and being withdrawn from other children.

Learn what World Vision is doing to respond to these needs and meet members of the team carrying out the work.

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Sama with her facilitator Zahra
Supporting children affected by conflict

Darkness to Light

Children in Iraq have been greatly affected by years of conflict. Not only have they lost friends and family members, homes and years of education  in many cases they have also lost their sense of childhood. World Vision is working to help children regain their childhood through programs like Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support. Rebuilding lives not only requires fixing the visible damage but addressing the needs that may not be as easy to see. For Sama, this support has helped her to regain hope for the future. 

Sama's Story
Child Friendly Space in Mosul
Hearing impaired brothers find a place to make new friends in Mosul

A place to belong

Overcoming challenges of hearing and speech impairment, Abed and Youssuf found a safe place to learn and grow through World Vision's Child Friendly Space in partnership with Al-Ghad League for Women and Child Care 

Meet Abed and Youssuf
Read 4 Stories of Change from Iraq

4 Stories of Change

Learn about World Vision's work in Iraq through the experiences of an IDP, Returnee, Refugee and Host Community Member


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Elmo is bringing students and teachers together in Iraq

World Vision teamed up with Sesame Street to develop the WASH Up! Program to teach children about Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

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World Vision Iraq has worked with the vulnerable children of Iraq, their families and communities, since 2014. World Vision Iraq has a commitment to bring hope and help to children and communities in the country through a range of holistic, integrated projects that promote change and improve well-being. Working in Erbil, Sulaymaniyah, Duhok, Kirkuk, Salah al-Din and Ninewa, WV Iraq has reached 586,736 people in 2019 with a funding portfolio of over 12 million USD.

World Vision Iraq has continued to expand operations into more governorates of Iraq to meet the needs of the most vulnerable whether internally displaced, returnee, remainee, host community, or refugee.

During this current COVID-19 outbreak, World Vision Iraq remains committed to working in collaboration with other actors and the government to support the needs of the most vulnerable in the areas where we operate. As part of World Vision's global response, we are working together in 17 focus countries to limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce its impact on vulnerable children and families through four strategic objectives: scaling up preventative measures to stop the spread of the virus, strengthening health systems and workers, supporting children impacted by COVID-19 and collaborating and advocating to ensure the most vulnerable children are protected.

Hidden Hero

Unleash your hidden hero!


Hidden heroes are striving to protect children around the world from violence - speaking out and supporting communities on the ground. But COVID-19 is threatening to roll back years of progress.

The ripple effects of the pandemic could leave 85 million children at risk - isolated in unsafe homes, sent to work or pushed into early marriage. And the effects will last a lifetime. It’s vital governments step in to prevent this devastating legacy.

Please support these hidden heroes by calling on governments and institutions to urgently increase funding for health, education and other social services that protect children from all forms of violence and abuse, especially for girls and boys at greater risk due to the impacts of COVID-19. Use the link below and scroll down to the signup section.

37.6 million

Population, total


Capital City

190.6 billion

GDP (current US$)

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Our Work

Follow the stories of our work in Iraq with IDPs, Returnees, Refugees and Host Communities

IDP: Youngest Community Leader in Hygiene Promotion

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Returnee: Abu Mariya village receives life in the form of access to clean water

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Refugee: New Opportunities for Yara

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Host Community: Empowering Kazeen to Support Her Family

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