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Life in Sudan is difficult for many, especially for children. Not only are the people of Sudan working to recover from scars left by previous conflicts and deal with the effects current violence, they are also providing support to hundreds of thousands of people of have taken refuge within Sudan’s borders to avoid violence in neighbouring countries, such as South Sudan and the Central African Republic.  As of 2017 there were 4.8 million people (65% children) in dire need of humanitarian assistance to survive in Sudan.

At World Vision we don’t want children, families and their communities to survive, we want them to thrive! We began working in Sudan in 1983. Our programmes were operational for five years, until 1988, when they closed. We resumed operations in June 2004 in response to the Darfur Crisis.  Today, our teams of dedicated development and humanitarian professionals work tirelessly to contribute to the improved well-being of 2.5 million boys and girls in Sudan.

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