Research: Sustainability

Each item below contains information related to a specific study on sustainability. This includes reports, publications and press releases.

Rural Water Source Functionality

Safe drinking water is critical to human health and development. In rural sub-Saharan Africa, most improved water sources are boreholes with handpumps; studies suggest that up to one third of these handpumps are nonfunctional at any given time. This work presents findings from a secondary analysis of cross-sectional data from 1509 water sources in 570 communities in the rural Greater Afram Plains (GAP) region of Ghana; one of the largest studies of its kind. Study published in Water Resources Research finds model of local water committees and usage fees results in nearly 80 percent of wells remaining in use after two decades.

The Key to Drilling Wells with Staying Power

Understanding Handpump Sustainability: Ghana

Community Mananaged Water Systems

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