World Vision Cyclone Pam

Cyclone Pam

Cyclone Pam has swept through the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu flattening almost everything in its path and leaving thousands of children and families struggling for survival.

  • 50% of population- about 130,000- impacted
  • Estimated 54,000 children impacted
  • Communications cut
  • Access to some remote villages impossible
  • Unknown number of killed and injured
  • Many World Vision staff unaccounted for

World Vision is responding to this devastating crisis.

  • Relief supplies prepared in advance of storm
  • Teams assessing emergency response and preparing distribution

Cyclone Pam is one of the worst storms to hit Vanuatu and surrounding islands in recent memory. Most families on Vanuatu live in simple, thatched-roof homes that are very vulnerable to severe weather. Even for those who safely evacuated to storm shelters, they will likely return to homes that are damaged or destroyed, and crops that are washed away.