World Vision Kenya

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Improved hosehold access to safe drinking water supplies, proper sanitation and good hygiene practices


    • Empower communities to embrace a culture of safe sanitation and hygiene while managing clean water supplies

Community Chlorine Maker Pilot Project

The MSRSE200 Community Chlorine Maker pilot project was conducted in Yatta and Mwala Area Programmes. The project involved clusters, institutions, communal water points and operators. The communities were trained on use of chlorine making machines to generate chlorine solution for household water treatment. The evaluation results show that the operators and beneficiaries are able to use and treat their water without difficulties.

Kakuma Bio Gas Sanitation Project

Over 2,500 students in Kakuma Mixed Secondary School will soon benefit from a bio sanitation gas project, using human waste for lighting and cooking purposes in the Kakuma refugee camp. The key actors in this project including World Vision Kenya, UmandeTrust, the School Community, Turkana County Government (host), Windle Trust Kenya and other schools contributed resources, including in kind, to ensure children in school access proper sanitation and other infrastructure. The school now uses renewable energy with the shift from the use of firewood to biogas for cooking this will reduce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions and the rampant deforestation that has been happening around the camp.