World Vision International

How we're helping


World Vision is aiming to reach additional 91,000 most vulnerable people affected by the Lake Chad Basin crisis – both the displaced arrivals and the poor host communities struggling to care for the desperate strangers among them.

Our work is focusing on two countries – Niger and Chad where World Vision has for decades delivered development projects. Our humanitarian response will target four sectors: WASH, Child protection, Livelihoods and Faith and Development. Teams are on the ground and expanding operations and responses to meet the massive need.  Humanitarian responders are having to cover vast distances to get aid to those in need and setting up bases in some of the world’s most inhospitable terrain. We are partnering with the UN, other agencies and local communities to deliver an effective response.
The multi country response is a child-focused disaster response with the initial focus on providing food assistance, water, sanitation services, improving hygiene, providing basic relief items, and ensuring children have a chance to learn and play in child friendly spaces.  We are also eager to support the very poor host communities who are already sacrificing so much to help the displaced. We aim to help both with interventions that promote livelihoods so they can better look after themselves and target assistance at adolescents who want to help their communities but who are also at risk of being influenced by extremists. Doing these things also promotes communal peace.