World Vision International

Local Advocacy

Local advocacy is advocacy driven by communities. World Vision focuses on local advocacy that empowers communities to directly address the policies and practices that perpetuate poverty and injustice in the places they live.

World Vision’s leading approaches to local advocacy are Citizen Voice and Action, and Child Protection and Advocacy.

Citizen Voice and Action helps communities identify the promises that government has made to them (especially in health and education), and empowers them to ensure government fulfils those promises. Communities use a simple set of tools to monitor government performance and improve the schools and clinics on which their children depend. Ultimately, these improved services will help lead to improved child well-being. 

Child Protection and Advocacy helps communities ensure their children are protected from abuse and neglect. Specifically, World Vision works to enhance both the formal and informal elements of the child protection system at the community level. This approach strengthens the protective environment for children, as well as the children themselves.

Together, these approaches help all children improve their well-being and fulfil their rights to protection.