World Vision International
publication • Sunday, July 30th 2017

World Vision East Africa - Situation Report 8

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Key highlights on World Vision's response to the hunger crisis, as of end of July 2017:

Growing needs: Tens of thousands of children are at risk of starvation, with food and water shortages affecting 25.5 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Somalia.

Forgotten crisis: International aid is urgently needed. The crisis is not getting the attention it needs to ensure children and their families are protected from a looming catastrophe.

Fleeing violence: The hunger crisis is exacerbated by drought, conflict and political instability. It has forced more than 4.6 million people in South Sudan and Somalia to flee areas affected by conflict, where children are at risk of violence, exploitation and abuse.

Child health crisis: As crops fail and livestock die, families relying on agriculture are facing severe food shortages, affecting children's health. Already 3.5 million children have been identified as malnourished. When children are malnourished, they are more likely to contract additional diseases and their physical and mental development can be stunted.

Need to scale-up response: World Vision is on the ground responding but urgently needs US$110 million to scale up humanitarian assistance in the four countries. Our response is meeting health, nutrition, child protection, livelihoods, shelter, education and water and sanitation needs of the most vulnerable, but more needs to be done.