World Vision Uganda
publication • Saturday, August 12th 2017

World Vision Uganda - West Nile Refugee Response Situation Report 11

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This is a children's crisis:

  • 86% of those who fled South Sudan and sought safety in Uganda are women and children.
  • 60% of Sudanese refugees in Uganda are children.
  • Those who arrive daily inU ganda have witnessed indescribable violence and need long term psychosocial support to deal with the stress caused by the conflict in South Sudan.
  • Many of them are survivors of violent attacks or sexual assault.
  • Too many children have been separated from their parents or travelled on their own.

Providing protection to these children is not only a moral duty but it is an imperative to ensure a brighter tomorrow for South Sudan.

Uganda continues to set an example for “responsibility sharing”. 

Uganda has not only commendably kept its doors open to the new arrivals of refugees from South Sudan, it has also developed and implemented some of the most progressive and welcoming policies for refugees seeking safety in Uganda.

These policies allow refugees to:

  • Move freely 
  • Provides land for each refugee family to settle and cultivate
  • The right to seek employment and establish businesses
  • Access to public services including health and education
  • Access to travel, identity and other documents

However, continuing to welcome refugees has not come without a cost to the Ugandans hosting them. The international community must not wait for the government of Uganda to reach a breaking point before stepping up support and increasing resources to support refugees and the communities hosting them.

What is World Vision doing to respond?  
World Vision's response programming and reach for July included in this Situation Report