World Vision International

Sponsorship Transformation Initiative

Thanks to over three million generous donors, 32 million children benefit from World Vision’s sponsorship programmes around the world. Across the Middle East, Eastern Europe, more than 1.5 million children benefit from World Vision’s sponsorship programme in AlbaniaArmeniaBosnia and HerzegovinaGeorgiaJerusalem-West Bank and GazaLebanon and Romania.

While it would be ideal for every sponsor to be able to meet their sponsored child in person and be able to see and experience their community (which is also benefitting from sponsorship), that simply isn't an option for most people.

In an effort to allow sponsors who are not able to travel experience the lives of their sponsored children on a deeper level and witness the transformation of the communities through sponsorship, staff and volunteers in six project areas (in Georgia and Armenia and Albania) are bringing the communities and the children to sponsors through photos and video.

Each year, in addition to Annual progress report and Christmas cards, sponsors will receive several additional updates from their sponsored child and his/her community that explain and highlight: elements of the local cultureshow how holidays are celebrated, explain the impact that sponsorship is having as well as recognise and feature volunteers.

In addition to further insight from the community, sponsors are also able to visit the community and hear the perspectives of fellow sponsors who have had the privilege of visiting their sponsored children.

The goal of these additional elements is to strengthen the bond between sponsors and their sponsored children through increased understanding, awareness and engagement.

The information on this page is an example of the additional information being provided to sponsors from Samtskhe-Javakheti community in Georgia. 

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