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My Journey with World Vision - Meet Malik Faisal Danesh

Faisal, 42, born and grew up in a patriot Afghan family. Like many Afghans, his childhood story resembles the witnessed political upheaval, suffering and internal displacement as initial results, “I pursued my elementary education in the ruins of war but with strong hope and desire to rebuild my country,” says Faisal. 

Faisal is working as Grants Finance Manager for World Vision Afghanistan. He was among the very first few staff at the early days of World Vision in Afghanistan back in 2001. His journey in the humanitarian sector began at the dawn of his adulthood nearly 22 years ago, “the need for reconstruction & lasting peace has been my only dream and aspiration after seeing my country ravaged by decades of war and internal conflict,” says Faisal. 

He ewcalls his first memories with WV Afghanistan, “WV started small relief operation due to limited funding at the startup [in Afghanistan] but there was tremendous demand for or a large-scale humanitarian response. The first goal was to win the community and the donors trust and confidence to be able to establish itself as a credible organization in a completely new environment,” he says and thanked wise leadership, community engagement and collective team efforts. “WV responded discreetly to the immediate needs of acutely malnourished children, and the impact was so profound that it eradicated malnutrition within the first year,” Faisal added. With continuing achievements, the WV mission began to experience growth, expansion funding wise and programming diversity in Afghanistan. 

Faisal spent nearly half of his life with World Vision. He is happy for a fascinating journey with the organisation that offered many opportunities for personal and professional development, “World Vision is a caring and learning organisation and I found it to be a unique place for one’s professional growth, personal development and career advancement,” he says.

Faisal believes that the achievements can be attributed to WV staff integrity, inclusiveness and the community being the prime focus of its programming, “we, as part of the core team, had the honour of serving the organisation's vision and mission through demonstrating stewardship, accountability and acting in a manner that embodies cultural richness, acceptance by the community and upholds ethical and universal values. I am proud that I was part of the team that made this happen,” he says.

20 years on, Faisal recognises World Vision as a leading organisation deeply rooted at the heart of Afghan communities in the western region of the country.

With quality programming that extends across different sectors & multiple provinces, World Vision is well recognised as a trusted partner for child well-being in the country.