World Vision International
Press Release • Tuesday, April 4th 2017

Latest Syria attack is ‘stark reminder’ for leaders gathering in Brussels

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Following reports of an apparent chemical attack in Idlib, north-west Syria, Chris Latif, World Vision’s Response Manager for Northern Syria and Turkey, said:

“Each year of the Syria Crisis is more violent than the last, and reports of this latest attack show the suffering is truly without end.

“No matter who has perpetrated the violence, the result is always the same: complete and utter devastation for children and their families ensnared in this crisis, surrounded by conflict with nowhere to flee.

“It’s heartbreaking to see, every single day, how civilians are caught in these never-ending cycles of misery, constantly forced from their homes in the elusive search for safety.

“This incident has come as world leaders are in Brussels to hold talks on the future of Syria, and a chance to forge agreements on protecting children and sustainable funding. It's a stark reminder that the only real solution for Syria is to demand a peaceful resolution to the conflict that will allow Syrians to rebuild their lives in safety and stability."