About Us

World Vision in Somalia


Since 1993, World Vision has been working in areas of Somalia with the highest levels of child poverty. Our goal is to achieve long-lasting benefits in the quality of life for vulnerable children and their families, displaced persons, and communities using a development approach that increases participation, understanding and unity among people of different cultures while promoting the rights and interests of Somali children.


In response to the humanitarian needs of the Somali people, World Vision designs and delivers programs coordinated at regional and country levels by dedicated staff that provides strategic and operational support. Our program offices are located close to communities so our teams can be responsive to the needs of local children and their families at the community level.


Following the 2011 famine and more than 20 years since the collapse of the central government, strong signs of hope are emerging for sustained peace, and the opportunity for families to live healthy, prosperous lives. World Vision is committed to walking with communities from emergency through rehabilitative programming in order to bring about sustainable and long-term change over the coming years.



Focused on Children and their Communities


World Vision implements emergency, early recovery and development programs with children, communities, and other key partners such as local organizations, national networks, and government agencies. We utilize a comprehensive and holistic/integrated approach in our programming in order to ensure that children receive quality services that will be sustainable. Our programs mainstream cross cutting themes such as gender, child protection, environment, DRR and peace building.


World Vision Somalia is a field-based organization with expatriate managers in Dolo, Garowe, and Hargeisa.  World Vision is committed to working directly with communities in the design and implementation of our projects as well as adhering to international standards, such as SPHERE, HAP, and the Red Cross Code of Conduct. Moreover, the program builds the capacity of Somali local organizations through by partnering to implement emergency and recovery projects in some of Somalia’s most difficult places. 


Building Resilient Communities


Beginning in 2008, World Vision launched the Area Rehabilitative Programming (ARP) model to build community resilience through multi-sector relief, rehabilitation and development programming in defined geographic locations. Today, World Vision Somalia hosts three ARPs in Puntland and Somaliland, with plans to launch additional programs as funding becomes available.  These programs are providing life-saving and rehabilitative programming in the sectors of child protection, education, health, livelihoods, nutrition, shelter, food aid, and WASH. Additionally, World Vision ensures a comprehensive approach by incorporating advocacy, peace building, and environmental sustainability. These projects are located in Somaliland (Adwal and Toghdeer regions); Puntland (Garowem Burtinle, Eyl and Mudug regions) and South Central (Gedo regions, expansion to Luuq district and Bay region).