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Some of WV Ecuador's recent achievements include:

• More than 300 children and adolescents are networking locally in communities to raise awareness on child participation; 60 of them from 17 ADP were organized and created the group “WambraKunakacYuyayKuna” (Young Thought) which participated in different events achieving the following: One child and one adolescent represented World Vision Ecuador on the Advisory Board of the Cantonal Children of Ambato; one teen participated in the Cantonal Council Children and Adolescents in Guamote; four teens from the network Wuambrakunapak Yuyaykuna are part of World Vision International – Latin America and the Caribbean Network; and, 12 adolescents are members of the National Network for Children and Adolescents Wuambrakunapak Yuyaykuna to exchange experiences with youth networks in Bolivia.

• WV Ecuador supported the National Council for Childhood and Adolescence which implements and monitors public child development policies. The ADPs supported as well the Cantonal Councils for Children and Adolescents, in charge of elaborate and propose local policies. There are eight ADP who have created advocacy centers for children.

• More than 1,000 children and adolescents have been trained on rights and leadership. Around 55,000 children and adolescents participated in sustainable development activities; 28,000 sponsored teens and children participated in spiritual nurturing and personal growth spaces. More than 120,000 sponsored and non sponsored children and adolescents have been impacted positively by WV Ecuador´s work.