Process Excellence

World Vision in Africa is applying corporate world Lean and Six Sigma Process Improvement approaches. Our goal is...

To deliver the greatest value with the fewest resources at the right time and in the right way

 We are seeing significant improvement in some of our key processes, and we seek to improve more.

Click here to see a summary of how World Vision defines Process Excellence and the Five Things We Can All Do To Pursue Process Excellence.

Click here to view World Vision Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Andrew Parris' presentation Fighting Poverty with Lean as part of the Lean Frontiers June 2015 panel discussion on Lean for Good.

Click here to view on YouTube and here to download the PPT presentation Fighting Poverty in East Africa with Lean Six Sigma given at the 2015 BMGI Summit. This presentation explores the experience of poverty, how World Vision fights poverty, and how improving processes with Lean Six Sigma helped World Vision fight poverty. It also encourages companies to partner with nonprofits and NGOs (as World Vision East Africa did with Honsha) to build their capacity, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Click here to download the presentation Fighting Poverty in East Africa with Lean Six Sigma,which shares how World Vision applied Lean and Six Sigma applied in East Africa. This presentation was delivered at the 2015 Lean Six Sigma World Conference.

Click here to watch a short video highlighting how Lean and Six Sigma Quality approaches were applied in World Vision East Africa - a Quality for Life story posted by the American Society for Quality.

Click here to read "Improving Processes for Good in East Africa," a journal article published in the TQM Journal (2013, Vol 25, No 5) about our Process Improvement journey by Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Andrew Parris.

Click here to read "Finding buried treasure in organisations," a journal article recently published in the Kenya Institute of Management's Management Magazine (May 2014) by Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Andrew Parris.

Click here to listen to a podcast from the Process Excellence Network of Andrew Parris talking about the need for Process Excellence in NGOs, our Process Improvements in East Africa and his goals for Process Excellence in World Vision.

Thank you for your interest in our work!