World Vision International
publication • Tuesday, January 23rd 2018

Responding to East Africa's Hunger Crisis - Situation Report #14 (summary report)

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Millions of people have experienced a hunger crisis in South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia in 2017. Thankfully, in some areas, the situation is improving.

However, in November, FEWSnet, an international early warning system, stated that parts of South Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia are looking at famine or catastrophic levels of food insecurity in various parts of their countries due to climate change, conflict and political instability.

World Vision is concerned about the impact of the crisis on children, with their health and development drastically impacted. Right now, more than 15 million children in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Somalia are struggling to have enough to eat. 

In 2017, the organization has delivered life saving assistance to: 

  • 2.4 million people who received food security and livelihood assistance
  • 2 million people who received health care and nutrition assistance
  • 1.2 million who received clean water, hygiene and sanitation services
  • 210,000 people who received core relief items - including shelter equipment
  • 145,000 who benefited from child protection and education assistance

World Vision is urging for further large-scale, long-term lifesaving assistance is needed to avoid spikes in malnutrition and death. World Vision is appealing for an additional $49 million to increase its response across South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.