Child rights, climate change and climate action-Side Event at CoP 23


Child rights, climate change and climate action

Date: 15th November 2017

Time: 16.45-18.15

Place: Meeting Room 7, Bonn zone

 We are pleased to invite you to a COP23 side event – child rights, climate change and climate action – focusing climate change action for and with children, with a specific focus on children’s rights in a changing climate. The event will be hosted by members of the Children in a Changing Climate Coalition.

 This event will bring to together governments at the forefront of climate risks, young people, child rights experts and practitioners in panel discussion. Join us to:

 ·         Hear from governments who have chosen to prioritise and engage with children in climate change adaptation.

·         Explore how engaging children and young people in climate change adaptation can work in practice.

·         Understand the perspectives of young people themselves on how they see the opportunities and barriers for participating in climate change decision making

 We encourage anyone with an interest in building the resilience of the next generation to climate change and inclusive approaches to adaptation to come along and join the discussion.

 For further information please contact: Ms. Jessica Cooke at