Children enjoy learning through new methods

Children in Achham enjoy going to school nowadays. Jeevan (9) who studies in  grade three says, “I am happy when I come to school. Me and my friends enjoy activities with our teacher like reading stories, singing, drawing and sharing different news in our school. Chhatu Chankhe, a nepali story is my favourite currently.”  

30 teachers from 20 schools and 15 facilitators from 10 ECED centres in Achham received training on child friendly learning and teaching method from World Vision last year. Now they teach different subjects in more fun and practical ways using locally available resources. As a result children are interested in different subjects and are more regular in school. Around 1800 students of those schools and centres are directly benefitting.        

Achham Area Development Programme has been contributing to schools and ECEDs to develop child friendly learning environment so that children have better access to education and that they are better educated.