Digital Application Helps Cadre Gives Good Service in Posyandu

Being a head of Teratai Integrated Health Post (Posyandu Teratai) and a cadre for 22 years are a blessed moment for Sufiaty (48yo), even though she had to face some obstacles in lead the program.

Teratai Posyandu didn’t have a permanent building to run the activities. Cadres and health officer of Public Health Center (Puskesmas) had to make the program happened by did the activity take turn at cadre’s home.

By seeing the condition, Sufiaty decided to make her house as a place for Teratai Posyandu. At the 7th every month, people came to measure the height and weight of their children. This Posyandu only has a minimal facility, so that Sufiaty spent her personal funds to provide the equipment needed.

When the cadres have to measure the children, they will use meter cloth. Even though Teratai Posyandu has five cadres, they only have less than five tables to support the measured activity.

With that condition, Teratai Posyandu still running for children and parents. Sufiaty and other cadres are still motivated to give the best for children there. Especially after joined the training which is assisted by Wahana Visi Indonesia in Pos Pintar program, Sufiaty claimed she got more knowledge about giving the good services in Posyandu.

“By joining the WVI’s training about digital Posyandu, finally I know how to use a digital application on my phone to monitor children development. I hope that all of Teratai Posyandu cadres could be active to use this digital monitoring application,” said her.

The digital application, also called mPosyandu, helps cadre to record the children development easier than before. In the past, the report will be given to Puskesmas by a manual system, but now it was integrated to related parties.

In the future, Sufiaty hopes that Teratai Posyandu will get permanent building and a good facility to increase the services. She also hopes that every cadre of Posyandu will give good service performances to mother and children.



Written by Putri ianne Barus, Field Communication Officer Wahana Visi Indonesia