Dilze helps her mother Christina get water from the nearby borehole built by World Vision

When Cristina Matavele, 42, arrived in the village of Mukhomane in Ha hi Kuleni area more than 20 years ago, the nearest water source was over two kilometers. It was a traditional well dug in the riverbed. The same source served for both people and animals.

Today, her daughter enjoy clean just some steps from her home after World Vision drilled a borehole 300 meters away. "Every day, after returning from the farm, I used to walk the same distance to get water," Cristina said, and recalled that, "We drank the same water from same well with the animals. Several times, we found dead animals inside the well, but we have no other choicebut use the water.

“We only have clean water when it rained and we used to keep in containers", she added. On 2009, World Vision drilled the first borehole in the village. "World Vision brought us clean water. Apart from the safe drinking water, we stopped walking for long distances. We have more time to work in the farm and take care of our children,” she said.

“About 283,000 people in Mozambique have access to clean and safe water through facilities built and restored by World Vision since 2012”, said Graham Strong, World

Vision’s National Director in Mozambique. The effort has also paved the way for improved health condition for children and their families.

Dilze, the youngest of Christina’s three children said, "I get the water I use to wash my clothes, my school uniform and to take a shower. I also help mom get the water to drink. It is good that we have a water source nearby because I can help my mother and still go to school on time.”

 "On days that I cannot do it, Dilze takes her can and get water. It is near and does not need too much effort. This would not be possible if she had to do it in the well where we used to fetch it. It was not only far away but also very dangerous for children”, Christina added.

World Vision organized and trained the water management committees to maintain the water sources in this community. "We created the water committee to manage the borehole. Each family contributes an agreed fee per month for the maintenance," says Jaime Langa, the committee water leader.

“These interventions are also accompanied by community mobilization to improve their hygiene and sanitation facilities to prevent waterborne diseases”,

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Specialist Idalina Roia said.


Since 2012, World Vision has built 625 new water points and rehabilitated others 274. It also built 11 small water system serving about 283.000 people in the rural areas in Mozambique. This effort has contributed increase the provision of safe and clean water to half of Mozambican population.