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article • Monday, November 6th 2017

Handmade Ornaments, Great for Classroom

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Kihajar Kindergarten classroom decorations get a lot of praise when hosting a meeting for kindergarten schools in Nangaroro Sub-District, Nagekeo Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. "We wish to be taught how to make classroom decorations and games using natural materials and used goods," said Betty, a tutor of Modang Mekar Woewutu Kindergarten.

Quill, shell and mineral water bottle used are hanging on the ceiling. Handmade games also visible when getting into Kihajar Nangamboa Kindergarten classroom, Nagekeo regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The classroom wall is affixed with children’s handwork. This ambiance looks different from last year, when there were still lots of empty space on the classroom wall.

Mikael Mane Alo (40 years old) is a headmaster of Kihajar Nangamboa Kindergarten and also teacher for students in B class who created the ambience into the classroom. Although he is no longer young, his spirit of teaching children felt by people around him. He fills the emptiness of the wall and starts decorate the classroom. No wonder the “creative teacher” is a worthy name given to him.

 “I got all of this because I joined training,” said Mikael.

Mikael has joined several trainings, from regency level until province level. But he got an unforgettable moment when he was in WVI (Wahana Visi Indonesia) training part.

He explained the spoke person was very inspiring and they gave him good quality materials about lesson plans, parenting and educative games with idea for decorating classroom with natural material or used materials. The follow up of this training is applying the result in school, and that is what Mikael does for his school.

“I use natural materials and used goods not only for decorating the classroom but also for teaching process,” said him.

This effort also positively affects many things, such as school budget savings. Students also become more excited to come to school and more active in the classroom. This happens because they are also involved in the process of decorating classroom and creating props. Another benefit is that teachers become easier explaining the lesson materials. That is why the classroom can not be empty.


Indah (4 years old), “Now we have a beautiful classroom and it will not be empty anymore.”


An airplane, made from mineral water bottle, is one example of the use of natural materials and used goods and it is presented for teaching materials at vehicles theme lesson part. There are ornaments of quill and shells to learn about animals. Then there is also a card from waste paper so that the children know vocals.

The participation of students in making props and classroom decoration makes learning activities become more active.

 "I invite children to make a vocal card to decorate the class, we are happy to learn," said Mikael. 

In every business there must be difficulties encountered, and for Mikael lack of glue is one of the obstacles. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic in making ornaments and teaching materials made from natural and used goods.

"We are grateful to WVI for assisting us in providing learning aids. We have budgeted the funds we received from the district to buy the goods,” he continued.

Mikael hope that he could be a trainer and presenting the materials he had acquired to Early Childhood Care and Development tutor.


Written by Dimas Realino, Wahana Visi Indonesia - Nagekeo Operational Office



Featured image: Mikael Mane Alo (40 years old), a headmaster and teacher of Kihajar Nangamboa kindergarten while teaching using props ‘Smart Cardboard’. The cardboard contains of days, numbers and shapes.

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