A HungerFree World is Possible

We have a dream that one day, we’ll live in a hunger-free world.

A world where children don’t have to worry about food, but can instead focus on learning and growth.

A world where there are no hunger statistics because there is no hunger.

A world where sharing a meal becomes an act of joy because food is secure. 

Between now and World Food Day (Friday, October 16) – you’re invited to join others all over the world and double-up for a hunger-free world.

What does that mean, you ask?

First, celebrate food and everything it represents.

Between now and World Food Day, find moments to share good food with good people. Gather around the table together to eat and be merry.

Your celebration could take any form you like. Maybe it’s a dinner at your favourite restaurant or sharing pizza with your family while watching the sunset. Maybe it’s gathering a few close friends together for brunch or hosting a themed dinner party in your home.

Then, help others by ‘doubling up’ and donating the cost of your meal to launch HungerFree so that others can celebrate food too.

Match the amount of money you and your friends spent on the meal and donate it to the HungerFree movement. For example, if you bought $30 of pizza to share, give $30 to HungerFree! Check out the video to learn more about how HungerFree will fight hunger and how you can join.

After your meal, keep the party going by sharing moments from your meal online. Post the recipe, share a photo of the appetizer, take a selfie with your entire dinner party. Just make sure to use #hungerfree.

In the coming weeks, we’ll give you plenty of resources to make doubling up as fun as can be. Keep an eye out for tips on hosting, challenges, stories, and more.

This is one food party you don’t want to miss out on. Join HungerFree,and let’s make our dream of a hunger-free world a reality.