The Implementation of Contextual Character Education in Ngorabolo Elementary School

Ngada Regency already assisted fourteen schools to implement contextual character education, especially at South Golewa Sub-district since 2,5 years ago. Everything was running very well with the collaboration of Wahana Visi Indonesia and several parties.

Not every school accepted the challenges to move forward together in the implementation of this program. Meanwhile, there was a school which has been doing a progress, that called Ngorabolo Elementary School.

This school was a pilot project school with a progressive movement and is different than other schools in Ngada Regency. Every teacher in this school capable to implement contextual character education module into learning activities. They also listen to critics which are coming from Wahana Visi Indonesia and outsider.

The leadership of the headmaster of this school also being a success factor. The teachers have a chance to do any creative idea in classes learning activity. The teachers feel free to teach and also the children easy to understand in teaching materials.

“We permitted WVI’s staff to observe and evaluate our teachers in implementing contextual character education in the class and outside the class,” said Aureliana Ninu as the headmaster of Ngorabolo Elementary School.

Today, all the teachers of Ngorabolo already facilitated learning activity by contextual RPP, so that character education can be measured in every child.

The learning activities also can be done at outside the classroom. The environment of the school also being the sources of learning activity. Most of the teachers already made the props to make children easy to understand the learning materials.



Written by the staff of Wahana Visi Indonesia Area Program Ngada Regency