A Mother for Every Child

Margareta (42yo) is a midwife in Engkulun Village, Taman Nanga Regency at West Kalimantan Province. She also involves in catholic woman community and has a strong commitment to being a mother and wife. She really cares for her children and also other children. She proved it by adopting two orphans.

Engkulun Village has so many children in its area. But unfortunately, the children join activity rarely. They contribute to the event only on some annual event or religious festival. This fact made Margareta concerned.

“I saw the children play alone. I really want to ask them to play together, but I don’t know how to start,” she says.

On 2012 she joined as a non-permanent employee at Taman Nanga and knew Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) as an organization. She joined some training which held by WVI.

In 2016, WVI assisted Engkulun Village. This was made Margareta happy. She pushed herself to involve in sharing her blessing to the children of the village by becoming a child-friendly cadre of WVI.

She got the information about WVI from the training and meeting. She joined SBT (Sponsorship Basic Training) and got the knowledge about WVI and children.

“This training made me become aware to the children’s activity in this village,”

She proved the movement by initiate the group of Children Village as a place to do some positive activity on February 2018.

“By join the group, the children can do several activities such as exercises, group meeting on Sunday and so on,” she explains. 

Margareta hopes by doing the right action for the children, they will get their rights. The children in Engkulu also can grow as they should be.



Written by: Sumarni, staff of Sekadau Area Program Wahana Visi Indonesia