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article • Friday, March 23rd 2018

Paying with your phone: A mobile solution for Somaliland's drought affected

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In Somaliland, World Vision is using mobile money technology to distribute cash assistance to thousands of people.

Transferring money on your phone to another person’s account is a common way to pay for goods at shops or to pay individuals for services.

Here, 2,434 people received US$1,509,316 in mobile money transfers over a period of nine months.

World Vision distributes cash assistance through a Telesom provider in Hargeisa. The programme is called Zaad Services.

Guuleid Mohamad Aden works for the tech giant and ensures money is properly delivered to the phone lines of families who are recipients of the money.

“World Vision issues a cheque with the money to Telesom. We withdraw the money from the bank and then we send it to the beneficiaries’ phone numbers,” Guuleid explains.

World Vision is the first organisation to partner with Telesom to deliver cash assistance to people affected by a devastating three-year drought.

During the registration process of the cash assistance programme, SIM cards are given to beneficiaries of the project, to ensure the money goes to the correct person.

“The Zaad Services have changed the perception of the communities in a positive way. They believe that they will get every single dollar from the World Vision office and the money will reach them at the right time without delay,” Guuleid says.

Guuleid adds that the mobile money cash assistance also makes business easier for his company.

“This cash transfer has created loyal customers for our company, because each beneficiary has a specific SIM card with Zaad services,” Guuleid concludes.

World Vision is embracing innovation and partnering with the private sector to support families struggling with hunger, loss of livelihoods and failure of income generation opportunities due to disasters.

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