Raising the Awareness of Having Birth Certificate

Geri (35 years old) comes from Tanjung Paoh Village, Melawi Regency, West Kalimantan Province.  As a public figure, he cares about the welfare of the villagers in his village, especially personal biodata administration such as birth certificate ownership.

Therefore, Geri really appreciates the cooperation between Population and Civil Registration Office – Melawi Regency, Tanjung Paoh Village Government as well as Wahana Visi Indonesia – Area Program of Melawi Sintang, which has been officially started on Februari 21, 2018.  

The three parties will conduct activities related to the acceleration of ownership of Birth Certificate; since the public awareness in Tanjung Paoh Village is very low. In addition, the understanding of the village community is also minimal about the process and the requirements of making the Birth Certificate.

They are reluctant to make it. Though the distance between the village of Tanjung Paoh and Nanga Pinoh, the capital of Melawi Regency,  is not too far, it can be accessed by both land – and river transport, by crossing the Melawi River about 30 minutes journey. 

Over the last few months, Wahana Visi Indonesia – Area Program of Melawi Sintang has assisted Tanjung Paoh Village. Slowly, there has been a change in the child as well as the parents and community in this village, they begin to understand and realize how important a child to have a Birth Certificate because this document is needed, especially for academic purposes. Many parents start making Birth Certificates for their children. 

"We, villagers of Tanjung Paoh, have been supported and facilitated regarding personal data facility, such as Birth Certificate and E-ID card recording in our village. Thank you to Population and Civil Registry Office and also Wahana Visi Indonesia – Area Program of Melawi Sintang. Hopefully, WVI always exists in the community service activities in the future," Geri said. 


Written by Hendra Mulyadi, Wahana Visi Indonesia – Area Program of Melawi Sintang, external officer