Reading is exciting!

Reading Comprehension is one of the projects part of the Education program of World Vision in the coverage areas of Tinamit Area Development Program – ADP.

An example of the impact of this project is the family of Veronica and Jose, parents of Delmy, Jose and Angel. Veronica, the mother, shares “It is very important to get involved in the activities of the community, and more than that, in actions of Organizations such as World Vision, to support our own development as family and also with other families.  Being a Guide Mother let me the chance to learn about the Reading Comprehension project and when I knew there was going to be part of my children education, I was thrilled!”

Reading Comprehension is a technique to assure children fully understand what they are reading while they are learning about personal values, too. “One day my children came home and start telling me about this ‘new class’ with very exciting books to read.” – Veronica says – “Since day one they both where motivated to read every day and now I can tell they can read properly and they understand what the reading is about!”


Jose, the child, shares that “this project started recently and it is very nice to share with my classmates what we understand in every reading session. Every day we read for one hour, then we analyze the content and do the exercises in the work book and answer the questions.  I really like to read now and I also understand not only on reading sessions but in all the classes!”