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article • Thursday, September 7th 2017

Sharmin’s Story

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Sharmin is a child supported by a World Vision donor. This is her story.

As the rainwaters continued to rise through the evening Sharmin’s dad warned them to quickly get out and head for higher ground. As the family fled through the door, the whole house collapsed behind them. By that time the waters were already shoulder high. They struggled to move to a safe place.  When they got to a road they found hundreds of other people there also trying to survive on this elevated strip of land. 

It rained on through that night. The family had brought nothing with them. Sharmin was terrified: “I was very afraid. Darkness was everywhere. Insects were walking all over our bodies. I felt cold but I had no clothes to change into. My mother and I shared our only umbrella.”

For six days Sharmin’s family eked out an existence on the road, eating small amounts provided by others and exhausted from lack of sleep and hunger. 

When they finally returned home they found no house to go back to. The mudwall had disintegrated and the tin roof collapsed. 

The family cannot afford to rebuild the house. 

The loss weighs heavy on Sharmin’s father who tearfully explains: “We struggle to sleep and to eat. Providing for the family is tough. We need help to get back on our feet.”

The family now live in a temporary shelter. It’s too small for them. The ground is wet and cold at night. 

“I miss my house,” says Sharmin.

Featured image: Sharmin is a child supported by a World Vision donor.

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