WV resumes activities in Southern Lebanon

An advance team with several World Vision Lebanon staff - displaced from Marjeyoun by the conflict - will do initial assessments for the local returning population.

“After being displaced for one month with minimum comforts, people are very eager to return to what is left of their homes and communities,” said Relief Manager, Tony Matar. “We expected a quick return, but we were still a little surprised that it is happening so quickly and on such a large scale -- especially considering the massive damages to roads, buildings and bridges, and the dangers of unexploded ordinances.”

“People are returning to destroyed villages. Their needs are shifting from basic survival needs to long-term recovery, and we must also adapt our operations to this rapidly changing situation so that we can serve them in a very focused and effective way,” said Matar.

The areas where World Vision will resume its activities were extensively damaged. Since the international NGO had programmes in the areas pre-war, strong ties with the community and relationships with local partnerships exist already, greatly assisting relief and rehabilitation.

As the situation evolves the focus of geographical and sectoral programs will be adjusted to meet the realities on the ground. Builidng local capacities for peace is another programme area World Vision is looking into.