Imagining Asia without women

By Marc Tagub and Crislyn Felisilda, World Vision Asia Pacific

8 March 2017 - World Vision joins global International Women’s Day celebrations in calling out: #BeBoldForChange. But first, we asked children from Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia: “Can you picture a world without women?”


“I will probably not be born and I will not have a girlfriend” (Thailand). “There will be no order and tidiness.” (Thailand), “What will happen if men want to get married?” (Cambodia), “A world without women would be uninspired and I would not be here” (Vietnam). 

Despite poverty, unemployment, social injustice, climate change, and gender inequality – which disproportionately affect women across the Asia Pacific – many women are still able to rise and create meaningful change, daily, in their communities.

If the world did not have women, no one would have built this typhoon-resistant kitchen in the disaster-battered Pacific island of Vanuatu. Or traveled door to door with life-saving health tips for communities in the island nation of Papua New Guinea, which has only 18 health workers for every 10,000 persons.

More than half of the world’s women live in the Asia Pacific. Join the boldest among them in carrying out simple, extraordinary acts today… and beyond.